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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two things...

First off, I have to give a shout out to Heroes, season three. I watched last night's episode (of course) and I'm still wowed. I was scared, I admit, after the debacle that was last season that this show would lose it's edge; run out of things to interest the audience. I was pleasantly wrong. I have so many questions now that I'm totally sucked into watching to find out the answers. Special shout out to Hiro and Ando, still my favorite characters by far. Masi Osaka is awesomeness, period. Secondary credits go to Zach Quinto's pecs, just because they look delicious enough to bite.

Secondly, lets just take a minute to appreciate the hotness that is Victor Webster. I don't know why, but this man is rocking my world right now. Seriously. Has anyone thanked this man's parents for knockin' boots? Let's just take a minute to worship, shall we?


Oh, there's more!


Sweet Jesus, does this man need a volunteer to breed for him? *raises both hands* Oh my guh... way too hot for his own good. Why oh why isn't he my husband /cry.

Okay....three things, I've found a new obsession for a show, BBC's Merlin. It's a family oriented show, but it's da bomb. All the characters have mad chemistry, and there are a couple of hotties, particulary Bradley James, who plays young prince Arthur. As well, they have Anthony Head a la Buffy, which automatically makes the show rock regardless, playing King Uther. It's still in its baby stages, so if you want to check it out, you'll be able to catch up quickly.

A'ight, that's it for now. I'll find something else to rant about soon enough...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wooooh, for the longest time...

Sing it with me! A'ight, it's an old ass song, but one of the few by Billy Joel that I like. And if you ask me who Billy Joel is, I'll hit you.

So, it's been a while, almost a year since my last post - woooee! But its been a busy 10 months for me, new job and a bunch of other personal ish that had to be dealt with, so this is the soonest that I've been able to get on and post anything, but hopefully it will come with the regular from now on. Now on to what's happened...

So very much has changed since last year; television, movie and book-wise. Let's start with TV since it's shortest lol. Well, all the shows that I care about are all still on hiatus or are gone forever thanks to the writer's strike. Now, being a writer, I was 100% behind the strike; it had to be done and it did get some things accomplished, namely showing Hollywierd that they are a VERY important cog in the movie/tv making reel. But the downside is that us viewers suffered for it. One of the shows that got axed that I was sad about was Big Shots.

Okay, let me backtrack a bit so the rest of this blog makes sense lol. I've recently gotten back into my writing in a big way because it makes me happy and I think its the one thing I can do that comes naturally. I seem to have found a niche in Interracial Romance and action, as well as some dabbling in Fantasy and action genres. Anyways, I've always had an interest in IR relationships portrayed on film or TV, especially where it involves a black woman and white man. This is a sad thing for me as this is likely the LEAST popular coupling in North American entertainment. So whenever I catch a glimpse, I hold on for dear life, even though I know that they're short lived. But I digress now back to Big Shots.

I liked the idea of the show; revolving around the lives of four friends that were all sucessful in their careers, but had numerous issues in their personal lives. It also had three of my favorite actors in it; Nia Long, Mike Vartan and Christopher Titus. The show definately had potential for greatness, though I will admit it was a bit rocky in the beginning. It is, an EXTREMELY difficult task to clearly and successfully write the stories of multiple characters that all have their own little spheres within them. In my opinion, the writers of BS wasted a bit too much time trying to focus on everyone all at once, leaving their audiences often feeling a bit lost and overloaded by the end of each episode. There's nothing wrong with focusing on one character for a few episodes before moving onto another, and then having events that forces all of the characters' stories to collide in some way. That method would not only keep the audience straight on what was happening with who, but also keep them intrigued to find out what's happening with each character in turn. But sadly, we'll never see that happen as the network (NBC, I think) decided to axe it during the strike. I still think it had a lot to do with the fact that the producers of the show took a chance at having a sucessful, white lead fall in love with his best friend, a sucessful, black woman. Apparently, North America ain't ready for that shit. What a shame.

As far as shows I'm looking forward to this fall, the list is sadly quite short.

1.) Heroes - This show is still the bombdiggity to me. It really struggled last season in the beginning, thanks to the writers getting carried away with Hiro's blast to the past. But they fixed that right quick and in a hurry after the fans let them know what was up and they lost significant viewership. If only all shows took the audience as seriously as this show did. *sigh* Anyhow, the last season left off with a few interesting turns. Micah is now seemingly and orphan, to be raised by his Rogue-wannabe cousin. I predict that the loss of both of his parents is going to show us a less then friendly side of little Micah this season. We also had Peter 'saving the world' again by stopping Adam/Kensei from infecting the world with his master disease. Peter is still a directionless pansy to me in many ways. Sure, he can absorb powers and fearlessly goes after who he views to be the bad guys. But he's also a gullible chimp that never takes time to truly think about his actions or their reprecussions before he makes them. Oh yeah, and he still doesn't seem to have a purpose. Right, and he's like, the anti-girlfriend, no women that connect with Peter end up well. Hell, Nikki was only with him in the future and she ended up dead. Anyhow, then we have Clairebear, who's all grownded up now and rebelling against her Papa and the machine. I really liked Elle's character last season, primarily because I wanted to see someone kick Claire's ass a bit. But alas, it's hard to say how much of her we'll be seeing from now on. If she must go, then please take Wes the super stalker with her. And then, there's my favorite twist of the season. I was thrilled, THRILLED to see the sadistic side of Hiro. Adam fucked with him for the last time when he killed his father, and Hiro did something unconsionable - he buried a man who CANNOT DIE forever! That's some effed up ish, y'all!!! But totally worth the price of admission :D. I can't wait to see if there are reprecussions to Hiro's execution of judgement...okay fine, I really just want to see David Anders (Adam/Kensei) again. He's so delicious.

2.) Private Practice - You'll notice that I haven't listed Grey's and you won't see it either. I was so utterly disgusted with their decision to make the tall, curvy, non blond or microscopic women of the show into lesbians that I could scream. Could they have possibly had the ethnic, sexy, no-nonsense woman actually have a relationship with one of the show's heartthrobs (sorry George/TK, you don't count)? Of course not! We have to make her a raging lesbo to satisfy North America's fixation with only portraying weakminded, crazy, fragile, skinny, white women as the only ideal to strive for. *sigh* But onto the show I'm talking about. The only reason I'm giving Shonda this chance with this show is because I liked the elusion left last season that Naomi and Dell may actually get a shot at romance. Of course, the IR aspect appeals to me, but also the age and social dynamic it presents. It could be a really poigniant and riveting storyline if it's done with the proper attention to realism. Whether or not they'll let it be is up for debate, but if it does and its done well, I may, may just forgive Shondra a little for fucking with my ex-favorite show.

3.) Ugly Betty - The one and only reason I'm going to tune into this show this fall is to see if it will possibly, maybe let a little bit of a romance develop between Betty and Daniel. There's is one of hte truest love stories that isn't being told, and I would flove it if the writers would start to tease us with that. But, we again run into the possibility of a rich, sucessful white lead falling for a minority woman. What would the fan girls say? *gasp* Anyhow, I'll tune in here and there to see if there's any development.

And that's about it, folks. I can't say that I"m looking forward to anything else, cuz I ain't. But I am currently obsessed with a certain show.

The Tudors

Oh wow. Where do I begin? Oh right, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My future husband and sex slave lol. And omfg, Henry Cavill. That man is so hot its a sin. I have an orgasm everytime he speaks with that sexy deep voice of his. Wait, what are we talking about? Oh right. The show. Ahem.

No for real, it is a very intriguing look at the life and lusts of Henry VIII. History has always painted the notorious king as a mad playboy with ridiculous ambition and love for nothing but his own glory. This rendition of his life plays very true to that picture. JRM plays Henry with a very passionate slant; the king is either very happy, very angry, or very horny. He is also a giant pawn in a game that is being played by the people around him that claim to be his subjects. Sam Neill is in this as well, and I've always thought him a brilliant actor. He plays a Cardinal that is hellbent on becoming the next Pope, which in those times, was equivalent to having the power of God. Henry screw-me-silly Cavill plays a good friend of the king of questionable background, who is fiercely loyal if not untrustworthy around women. I really can't hate his character at all because he's far too beautiful. I don't blame a single woman that falls under the spell of that man, it's just not possible to resist. The other notable character (to me) is Queen Katherine, played byMaria Doyle Kennedy. I've always loved this actress, not only for her soulful performances, but I also think she's gorgeous in an unusual way. My heart bleeds for her character in this; a poor princess that was betrothed to a king, who died shortly after their marriage, and then she remarried his brother, whom she actually loved, only to have her feelings unrequited. Her scenes are few and shorter than most, but she does a brilliant job of them and makes you feel for poor Katherine as much as you do for the other players that are given more screen time. All in all, I love this show; the passion, carnality, sadness and grit that it brings to a story that has been told many times. I'd take this over the Other Boleyn mess anyday.

Anyhow, that's enough for now I think. I'll post again soon when things start to get into swing with TV again. Also have to do a shout out to FANNY PAK for those who know what I"m talking about.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Season Finale or Fiasco?

Okay, I have to do my little rant about the 4400 season (possibly series) finale this past Sunday.

/Deep Breath.... okay, so below is going to be my summary, if you haven't seen it then please avert your eyes for all of the italisized part below....

Well we start out at the hospital with Captain Whiny aka Danny Farrell who has managed to kill his own mother out of his constant need for validation and jealousy of his big bro with the 'magic hands'. It isn't until he's killed about, oh, two or three dozen ppl does he realize that he's the freakin' plague. Of course, who does he go running to? None other than his big brother Shawn to dig him out of yet another mess. I have to give Kudos to Shawn's character, I would have kicked his sorry ass to the curb after all the warnings he gave that brat about not taking the shot. But alas, he's a bigger person than I am.
So they put Cap'n Whiny on the Inhibitor, and it makes him sick since he's now a Promicin dispenser that can't dispense. Now my question, oh brilliant writer gods, why oh why didn't anyone (Shawn, Burkhoff - ANYONE) remember that JORDON COLLIER can take promicin OUT OF PPL? I mean, true, he may have wanted Cap'n Whiny to carryout his death breath as it helped his cause, but since the writers knew that Jordan was about to become a Marked one, they could have spared Shawn the loss of his entire immediate family in the course of 48 hours. Not that I particularly wanted cap'n Whiny to live (cuz I was ready to kill him m' own self) but poor Shawn. If there's anyone who's been kicked around the most this season, its poor Shawn. Anyhow, I'm done ranting about that poorly played out plot line. On to the next one.

Kyle. /sigh . He will be forthwith known as Gullible Gus. I have never seen such a blatant example of a mindless lemming as this one in like, TV history. Gus has his red head whip master who tells him when to jump and how high and who to kill and when to take over promise city when Jordan's been missing a whole 2 hours. He doesn't question or even think for himself anymore. He knows about the Marked and yet, it never occurs to him that maybe just maybe the future dudes could have, I don' t know, planted his book o' prophecy and orchestrated everything that he's doing. Why oh WHY couldn't he have died instead of Shawn's mom? If anyone else really needed to go in that family, it was Gullible Gus. And now, after all his poor father has been through, rather than be a good son and try to console him or use his pea sized brain, he offers his dad the shot that could potentially kill him too. Cuz losing family in droves is like, so much fun. I...detest...this...character. /rant

And now for what I think was the biggest punkout of the finale. Okay so you kill Isabelle. Yah, she deserved it. She's been a very naughty girl. She's lied, killed, and tortured people. She helped the Marked. She almost (but sadly unsucessfully) killed Kyle. But she has SOOOOOO much potential!! I just don't get it. The writers creat this neraly all powerful being with whats essentially a blank slate, and the only thing they can think of to do with her is have her sleep with all the young male stars and then get killed trying to save two ppl who wanted her dead in the first place? COME ON! Why bother even bringing her into the story line if you didn't know what to do with her? There has to be more to Isabelle. There has to be proper closure. Not just some "kill-switch" that ends all. Speaking of which, they totally didn't explain. I sincerly hope that they give her a second chance like Collier got, maybe have the peeps who sent Tom back send her back with a real PURPOSE. But, since she's a) black and b) obviously a writing hurdle for the script team, I think this is the last we'll see of her. I shudder to think of what next seasons going to be like.

And finally, dishonorable mention has to go to the Mya turn around. She seemed like a sweet girl. And now she's suddenly Anakin Skywalkered on us. She's happy Jordan's in control now? Are we serious? Now the tweenie-bopper is copping attitude and thinks she's better than the "normals"? Clairvoyance or not, Diana needs to lay an oldskool beat down on that pretentious lil brats ass. Nip this lil slip in sanity in the bud before she completely turns to the dark side Diana!!

Alright...I'm done with my rants. But it had to be done. Other than that, good news on the new season starting front. Grey's is back this Thursday, and hopefully it will redeem itself from the drudgery that was the majority of last season. I look forward to seeing how the whole Callie/George/IzzMe debacle gets solved. How it is resolved will affect whether or not I continue to watch it, quite frankly. I'm totally unimpressed with Isaiah's departure, and if Callie gets punked out in this whole triangle, I'm done with Grey's. Period.

Looking forward to Private Practice, now that Shonda has a fresh baby to play with, I'm hoping for some good stuff. Heroes is back next Monday (YAY!) and I totally can't wait for that. Kinda looking forward to a new season of smallville as well, hopefully they won't frak it up this year.

Thats about that...back to constructive stuff....

~ RP OUT ~

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Googely Moogely

I just love saying that, cuz I'm a freak like that. So Hell's Kitchen wrapped up last night and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that Rock won it. He deserved it thoroughly and I think he'll make an awesome head chef at GVR in Vegas. I might make a trip there just so I can taste his handywork. The other thing I have to blog about, cuz I haven't in the past....

The 4400 - This is a Sci-Fi channel show that sadly, airs about a season late here in Canada on the Space Channel (which is just funny considering that it's shot in Vancouver). I rented seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and fell in love with it. The characters are pretty cool and fairly believable, and the story line has unique elements. The basic storyline is that 4400 people had been abducted throughout history up until 2002 by people from the future. In 2004, all these abductees are suddenly dropped in the middle of a lake in Seattle. None of them have any recollection of where they were and have no concept that time has passed since their abductions. More interestingly, all these ones who've returned now have various superhuman abilities. Now the US military and Homeland Security are charged with the responsibility of keeping track of these 'special' people and helping them remember why they were sent back.

A taste of the cast, you say? Why certainly! Okay, here's the main course of the show, there's an array of interesting side characters as well, but there's only so much blog space and time, ya know?

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Maia (Rutledge) Skouris - played by Conchita Campbell

She is believed to be the first 4400 to be abducted back in like 1920 or something. She's supposed to be over 100 years old, her parents died decades ago, but she still remains a young girl. She seemed like your typical, sweet little girl - that is until she can fortell when your going to die and which cemetary you'll be buried in. Yep, she's got the power of clairvoyance, a pretty heavy responsibility for a tween. But she learned to keep her 'visions' (which she keeps written in a notebook she keeps under her pillow) mostly to herself and won the heart of NTAC agent and 4400 sympathetic Diana Skouris, who wound up being adopting her. Maia's character is still developing for the most part, but I have a feeling that once she enters her teens that her power and her wilingness to use it are going to change a lot.

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Shawn Farrell - played by Patrick Fleuger

K first of, yum. Patrick is oh so tasty. But I digress... 2001, Shawn Farrell was just your typical teenager, hanging out at the cabin with his equally hot cousin Kyle, drinking some stolen beer. The worst he thought could happen was that a park ranger caught them imbibing. But no, fate had other plans. The sky opened up, and strange, tentacly light came down and tried to steal Kyle away. But Shawn wasn't having it. He pushed his cousin out of the way to save him, sacrificing himself instead. Fast forward two years, he's back, and his cousin has been in a coma since the night he disappeared - and his uncle blames him for it. Life has changed dramatically for poor Shawn, his little brother isn't so little anymore, the girl next door that used to bug him is now a full blown hottie, and he's now a 20 year old high school student. Oh yeah, and he has this new ability to heal people of just about anything. That is, until you piss him off, then he can do the reverse and suck the life out of you. Shawn uses his ability to pull Kyle out of a coma, but he still just can't seem to fit into the world thats passed him by. After a naughty incident of sleeping with his little bro's GF, he runs off to hide under Jordan Collier's coat tail - but we'll get to him later. All in all, Shawn seems to have one of the most influencial powers of all, but will he ever discover what he's really supposed to do with it?

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Kyle Baldwin - played by Chad Faust

Woot! For hot Canuck actors. Chad is a tasty morsel, especially when he's all built like - ahem. Kyle. The story for he and Shawn's the same in the beginning, but his story went a bit weird after Shawn brought him back from comatown. He wasn't really back, that is, his body was awake and stuff, but the real Kyle was still sleeping as it were. It took a while, but the 'possessed' Kyle finally figured out how to get out of Kyle's head and back to the future. We find out that it really was Kyle that was meant to be abducted that night, but they took Shawn instead. But since the abducting process had been interrupted, the consciousness of some future dude had been stuck in Kyle. Confusing? You betcha. Anyhow, fast forward a year later, Kyle is again taken over by someone, this one wanting to take out Jordan Collier (I really am getting to him, I swear). He suceeds, and almost ends up serving a lifetime in prison - that is until the person he supposedly kills reappears. There seems to more to in store for Kyle that we can see, but for now, he's kinda just a whiny sidekick at the moment who needs a girlfriend already.

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Diana Skouris - played by Jacqueline McKenzie

She's supabad with an NTAC badge and a gun! Well, she is now, she started out as a research buff but since the 4400 landed, she's been all about the action baby! Ahem... Indeed, Diana's life was a quiet one until the day the 4400 reappeard and she was partnered with Tom Baldwin, and MIA NTAC agent who suddenly returned to the force (watch the show for the ulterior motives here). There isn't a whole lot to say about Diana, she's a lady with brains, beauty and who's heart opened up to a 100 year old tween named Maia. I personally think that she and Tom Baldwin are gonna get freaky one day, but for now, she's all about keeping her daughter safe and being the best NTAC agent she can be.

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Tom Baldwin - played by Joel Gretsch

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. Where to begin? Okay, short story, he was an NTAC agent who dropped off the radar when he suddenly lost his son to a coma. Suspicion flared when his nephew went missing at the same time. Enter 4400. Now he thinks his nephew tried to hurt his baby. After some time (and Shawn's healing hands fix Kyle) Tom decides to work for NTAC again to try and find out what happened that fateful night. He's ruff, he's tumble and he's smart. But most importantly, he's a dad. He may end up having very significant role to play in this whole story yet, but for now, he's our designated "Moulder" to Skouris' "Scully".

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Lily (Moore) Tyler - played by Laura Allen

Soap star gone sci-fi? Never happens right? Oh, contraire. Lily Moore was abducted when her little daughter was just a year old. She's the spitting image of her deceased grandmother she's namesaked for. When she returns, she thinks she'll be able to return to her life as it had been 11 years earlier, with her husband and child, happily ever after. But she soon learns bitter truth, that her husband has long remarried and that her daughter believes her stepmother to be her real mother. Shattered by her ex husbands cold reception, she finds comfort in Richard, who has also lost all the family he had. Richard has slightly ulterior motives, though, as Lily reminds him of her grandmother - whom he'd been deeply in love with fourty years ealier. Then, as if life didn't suck enough, she finds out that she's pregnant - but more importantly, that she became so during her abduction. But luck steps in, and Richard decides that he'll shoulder the responsibility of being the baby's father and marries Lily. Things should have been ideal after all of this, but Lily soon discovers that this is no normal baby that she carries; that it contains powers that she'd never dreamed of. And once her new daughter is born (whom they named Isabelle), she realizes that the future gave her alot more than she bargained for. She was taken out of hte storyline early in season three, but I'm hoping that they'll figure out a way to bring her back.

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Richard Tyler - played by Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (try saying that 3x fast)

1960's. One black soldier. A picture of he and his white girlfriend sharing a kiss. A practically all white red-neck base camp in Vietnam. Was being abducted all that bad? Not for Richard. His story began when he was nearly beaten senseless by his 'fellow' comrads when they discovered his unconventional relationship. When he reappeared nearly 40 years later, the world had changed more than he was ready to accept. His family now all gone, and the love of his life a distant memory, he figures he has nothing left. That is until he thinks he's seen his long, lost love again. Only its not her. Its her granddaughter who bears a creepy doppleganger resemblance and the same name as her grandmother - Lily. (Yeah, the writers didn't really get too imaginitive with this one) But he finds love again with his former love's grandkid (no matter how you say it, its just icky) and they soon find out that she's pregnant. Richard takes on the responsibility of fatherhood, and coincidentally, the kid turns out to be biracial, so its all good. But Richard gets far more than he bargained for with his little girl Isabelle. Richard doesn't seem to have any powers at first, but after spending some time away from NTAC - turns out they were giving him and many of the other 4400's drugs to inhibit their abilities - he discovers he's a telekinetic. He bowed out for a while after season three, but is now back and badder than ever. It will be interesting to see how it now fits into the story

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Isabelle Tyler - played by Megalyn Echikunwoke

Ah, Isabelle. She so pwetty. She's a mystery indeed. Well lets see, Isabelle came onto the scene in season two, her parents (Lily & Richard Tyler), two 4400's that were on the run from NTAC (NTAC required that all 4400 register weekly, but they weren't having it). She seemed to be the perfect little baby until she destroyed a toy shoppe when a crazy backwoods bible thumper threatened her mother. Oh and then killed said thumper and his two inbred sons. All of that before the age of one. Not shabby. Well, all that killing made her realize that being all small and helpless just wouldn't do. By some weird voodoo, she grew up overnight - literally - somehow sucking the life out of her mother in the process. Suddenly, she was a twenty year old woman, with the emotional maturity of a baby. Sexy, huh? Speaking of sex, she decided to have it with Shawn (not that I blame her there, yummy) because it was on a list of things she felt she had to do to become an adult. Enter creepy advisor. Suddenly some assistant of Collier's is a personal advisor to Izzy, and he tells her that she was sent there to kill all the 4400's. Isabelle doesn't want to believe it, as this would mean killing her father and the new love of her life. So she kills said advisor, but this doesn't stop the naughty. Her powers are stronger than any of the 4400's, and she doesn't seem to be affected by any of the modern weapons. She tries to force Shawn to marry her, and he runs away. She then decides to take out any an all 4400's that tick her off... or just happen to be standing there. But things take a drastic turn for her at the end of season three, and it will be interesting to see how she copes.

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Jordan Collier - played by Bill Campbell

This is a very interesting, multi-sided character. He starts out as a self absorbed, distant millionaire that abducted in his prime. He decides to use his money to create a haven for all 4400's that want it, with the ulterior motive of being able to control them. But then he gets greedy and tries to kidnap the Tyler's (in an effort to secure baby Isabelle for himself) and Isabelle cleans his clock from inside the womb. You'd think this would change him, but...Fast forward a year later. He's in the process of trying to steal Isabelles power when he's assassinated, kinda. He's shot, dies, abducted again, and returned. Except now he thinks he's some kind of Messiah. Its way complicated. He's just too complex to sum up here, you just need to watch the show.

The show's kind of like a cross between the X-Files and Smallville, but not nearly as campy. The cast is relatively unknown, with the exception of Billy Campbell, whose been in a host of TV shows and made-for-tv movies. But its good summer fun, since most of the other shows are a-goner till September. My life is now movies and WoW. Shut up, your jealous :-/
Oh, on a movie note - Saw Stardust on Friday, and it was amazing! I'll do a review later.
Alright, back to working - well focusing on it better anyways
~RP Out~
P.S. I don't own Sci-fi or anything associated with it, so please don't sue me.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Baa-aaaaaaaaack

That's right. Its only been another hundred years or so. Too bad, I've been busy. New job, new digs, new look, its been alot of new. But all for the better though, so hope to be back here more often.

So back to the usual update of whats happened since I last blogged (other than another ice age):

1) Benjelle - Donny's engaged! I'm still not the biggest fan of her other half, but she seemed squee-di-lumptious about her affiancing, so I'm happy for her too. All the best, my lil dancing Diva! And as for Benji, he's pretty much stalking the SYTYCD studios between guest choreographing and cheering on his lil sis. God help us if another Schwimmer wins.

2) AI6 - Nikki won, which is pretty cool I guess, I still think that Melinda got shanked big time, but I think she's made enough of an impression to make it even bigger than AI ever could have. Don't get me wrong though, Nikki is a bucket of talent too and I wish her all the best...I'm just not going to buy her album if you know what I'm sezzin'

3) HELL'S KITCHEN - OMFG I love this show! I got hooked last season and this season has been just as great. Ramsay is on his usual warpath against inept, overconfident, spaghetti-burning wannabe chefs everywhere! My fave chef this season has got to be the timid but determined 'wafflehouse cook' Julia. She was so mature and good natured, and Gordon loved her. She was sent to the slaughter by her own team though, the giggle twins refused to be separated. But its all good, Julia's going to culinary school and Rock is gonna win it just cuz I want to shove Bonnie's face in the hot pan that she continues to set afire.

4) TRANSFORMERS - More than meets the eye! Robots in disguise!!! Oh. My. God. Seriously. Its the best movie I've seen in years. I loved every minute of it. I saw it three times. I loved it!! Shia Labeouf - I'm in love, ok? The plot was as believable as you can make it for a film of this kind, the special effects were so seamless that I found myself half expecting cars to get up and start breakdancing in front of me when I left the theatre. The acting was great, with the exception of the teen ditz queen they put in the movie, clearly for no other reason than to wash the cars in a bikini (and no, that doesn't actually happen in the movie, for those who haven't seen it) But I wholeheartedly give it 10/10, a must see this year whether it be in theatre or on DVD.

6) SHIA LABEOUF- He's just so damned cute that he deserves his own number *squee*

7) HARRY POTTER (Movie) - Wow. No really. Wow. I went to the theatre expecting the same kind of corny, teen soap we saw last movie, and was completely taken aback. This new director - must be kept. He's doing movie 6 and I can't wait. This movie still had the essential elements that make all things Potter magical, but he finally cut the umbilical cord of cheesiness that has nearly strangled the older movies. This film at last takes Harry and his friends out of the domain of 'children' and puts them where they should be, in the crazy, confusing, exciting, horrific and quite frequently frightening world of teenagers. I won't spoil it for the 5 people out there who have yet to see the film, but the ending fight scene is da shiznit.

8) HARRY POTTER 7 (book) - Wow squared. JKR knows how to end things with a bang, which this book certainly did. This is not a book for those who merely scan the pages or just glance. Many little tidbits that were dropped in earlier books that may have seemed insignificant at the time come to a head in this book, helping to shape the story and explain many a mystery. I was an action packed book, no chapters that simply lulled on about non important things. Every chapter, place, person, object and interaction mentioned in this book has deep and significant meaning, and this may make it the hardest to digest for the younger readers. But it was a feast for the imagination for us avid readers and in my opinion, well worth the wait. WTG Jo.

9) PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DMC & WE - Both were pretty good. A few anti-climactic moments, but on the whole, who can say that two hours with Johnny Depp isn't a good use of time? Side note - Emo Orlando is uber seksy.

10) Spiderman 3 - *sigh* I had such high hopes...and they were barely - nah, I can't pretend. It was crap. Not quite utter crap, but pretty damn close. Emo Peter Parker is an even bigger loser than nerdy Petey ever was. Mary Jane is more annoying than words can say. Venom - I can't even go into how disappointed I was on how they played that out. The only highlights in the two hours I forced myself to stay seated were James Franco, lookin' all cool and actually pulling off a decent performance, the dude who plays Mr. Jameson, cuz he's just funny, and the ever lovable Topher Grace, who though entertaining, wasn't the right pick for Eddie Brock. Its worth a looksie since the special effects are pretty sweet, but other than that, pass.

Geez, alots happened since I last blogged, guess time doesnt' stand still when I'm not here. Some really cool things to look forward to for the rest of the summer though, a few more cool movies, more warm weather and hopefully a line up of some cool new shows next season. I can't wait to see the new spin-off of Grey's, the preview was too cute and I love Addison. I may even stop watching Greys just to support it - yeh, riiiight.

Well, I guess that's it for now, gotta go do something, you know, productive

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Ded Hath Arisen

So its been forever since I blogged here. My bad. Not for not wanting to, but been soooooooooo busy and had a bout of bad health. But I'm still alive-ish, and gonna try and keep up the good times here. So much has transpired since Oct of last year. Too much to get into in one entry. But highlights:

1)Benjelle front - not much here really. Saw some vids of them at Entyce (Tyce Diorio's dance thang) and they looked as cute as ever, but nothing too shippy from what I heard. I still think there's love there though, we'll have to see...

2)HEROES!! Still love this show with every fibre of my being! Everytime I keep thinking that there's no way the show could get any better - it does! Its the new primetime crack...and sadly on hiatus for another 3 weeks! Its like sweet torture...

3)Lost - sucking bawls lately for me. I've kinda lost interest, but I'll try to catch up when the season ends and see if I'll have it in me to watch next season.

4)Smallville - WTF? I don't know what to think of this show anymore. Its gone from mediocre to mediocre/bad. I can only bear to watch because I needs small doses of Tom Welling on a weekly basis. Methinks it may be time for ol' Clarkie to hang up his flanel

5)Grey's Anatomy - Booyah! this show is still rockin' along! Bottom line (for me anyways) Burktina are the cutest ever, MerDer may just make it in their screwed up little way, Alex is finally growing up, Addison is too funny, BAILEY IS QUEEN, O'Callie/Georgallie are meant to be together, Chief is the king who had to learn the hard lesson and IZZIE is a HOOOR! Keep it up, Shondra, you're kicking some serious @ss!

6)American Idol 6 - I usually don't get far beyond the audition stage with this one but lord help me, I'm in love with Melinda Doolitte! She's amazing!! And very close seconds to me are LaKisha and Nikki, some actual talent this season!

Other than that, just looking forward to some upcoming flix that i think will rock the house, but that's for another post...

Okies...bedtime, cuz I'm getting old and stuff.

~RP Out~

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