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Wooooh, for the longest time...

Sing it with me! A'ight, it's an old ass song, but one of the few by Billy Joel that I like. And if you ask me who Billy Joel is, I'll hit you.

So, it's been a while, almost a year since my last post - woooee! But its been a busy 10 months for me, new job and a bunch of other personal ish that had to be dealt with, so this is the soonest that I've been able to get on and post anything, but hopefully it will come with the regular from now on. Now on to what's happened...

So very much has changed since last year; television, movie and book-wise. Let's start with TV since it's shortest lol. Well, all the shows that I care about are all still on hiatus or are gone forever thanks to the writer's strike. Now, being a writer, I was 100% behind the strike; it had to be done and it did get some things accomplished, namely showing Hollywierd that they are a VERY important cog in the movie/tv making reel. But the downside is that us viewers suffered for it. One of the shows that got axed that I was sad about was Big Shots.

Okay, let me backtrack a bit so the rest of this blog makes sense lol. I've recently gotten back into my writing in a big way because it makes me happy and I think its the one thing I can do that comes naturally. I seem to have found a niche in Interracial Romance and action, as well as some dabbling in Fantasy and action genres. Anyways, I've always had an interest in IR relationships portrayed on film or TV, especially where it involves a black woman and white man. This is a sad thing for me as this is likely the LEAST popular coupling in North American entertainment. So whenever I catch a glimpse, I hold on for dear life, even though I know that they're short lived. But I digress now back to Big Shots.

I liked the idea of the show; revolving around the lives of four friends that were all sucessful in their careers, but had numerous issues in their personal lives. It also had three of my favorite actors in it; Nia Long, Mike Vartan and Christopher Titus. The show definately had potential for greatness, though I will admit it was a bit rocky in the beginning. It is, an EXTREMELY difficult task to clearly and successfully write the stories of multiple characters that all have their own little spheres within them. In my opinion, the writers of BS wasted a bit too much time trying to focus on everyone all at once, leaving their audiences often feeling a bit lost and overloaded by the end of each episode. There's nothing wrong with focusing on one character for a few episodes before moving onto another, and then having events that forces all of the characters' stories to collide in some way. That method would not only keep the audience straight on what was happening with who, but also keep them intrigued to find out what's happening with each character in turn. But sadly, we'll never see that happen as the network (NBC, I think) decided to axe it during the strike. I still think it had a lot to do with the fact that the producers of the show took a chance at having a sucessful, white lead fall in love with his best friend, a sucessful, black woman. Apparently, North America ain't ready for that shit. What a shame.

As far as shows I'm looking forward to this fall, the list is sadly quite short.

1.) Heroes - This show is still the bombdiggity to me. It really struggled last season in the beginning, thanks to the writers getting carried away with Hiro's blast to the past. But they fixed that right quick and in a hurry after the fans let them know what was up and they lost significant viewership. If only all shows took the audience as seriously as this show did. *sigh* Anyhow, the last season left off with a few interesting turns. Micah is now seemingly and orphan, to be raised by his Rogue-wannabe cousin. I predict that the loss of both of his parents is going to show us a less then friendly side of little Micah this season. We also had Peter 'saving the world' again by stopping Adam/Kensei from infecting the world with his master disease. Peter is still a directionless pansy to me in many ways. Sure, he can absorb powers and fearlessly goes after who he views to be the bad guys. But he's also a gullible chimp that never takes time to truly think about his actions or their reprecussions before he makes them. Oh yeah, and he still doesn't seem to have a purpose. Right, and he's like, the anti-girlfriend, no women that connect with Peter end up well. Hell, Nikki was only with him in the future and she ended up dead. Anyhow, then we have Clairebear, who's all grownded up now and rebelling against her Papa and the machine. I really liked Elle's character last season, primarily because I wanted to see someone kick Claire's ass a bit. But alas, it's hard to say how much of her we'll be seeing from now on. If she must go, then please take Wes the super stalker with her. And then, there's my favorite twist of the season. I was thrilled, THRILLED to see the sadistic side of Hiro. Adam fucked with him for the last time when he killed his father, and Hiro did something unconsionable - he buried a man who CANNOT DIE forever! That's some effed up ish, y'all!!! But totally worth the price of admission :D. I can't wait to see if there are reprecussions to Hiro's execution of judgement...okay fine, I really just want to see David Anders (Adam/Kensei) again. He's so delicious.

2.) Private Practice - You'll notice that I haven't listed Grey's and you won't see it either. I was so utterly disgusted with their decision to make the tall, curvy, non blond or microscopic women of the show into lesbians that I could scream. Could they have possibly had the ethnic, sexy, no-nonsense woman actually have a relationship with one of the show's heartthrobs (sorry George/TK, you don't count)? Of course not! We have to make her a raging lesbo to satisfy North America's fixation with only portraying weakminded, crazy, fragile, skinny, white women as the only ideal to strive for. *sigh* But onto the show I'm talking about. The only reason I'm giving Shonda this chance with this show is because I liked the elusion left last season that Naomi and Dell may actually get a shot at romance. Of course, the IR aspect appeals to me, but also the age and social dynamic it presents. It could be a really poigniant and riveting storyline if it's done with the proper attention to realism. Whether or not they'll let it be is up for debate, but if it does and its done well, I may, may just forgive Shondra a little for fucking with my ex-favorite show.

3.) Ugly Betty - The one and only reason I'm going to tune into this show this fall is to see if it will possibly, maybe let a little bit of a romance develop between Betty and Daniel. There's is one of hte truest love stories that isn't being told, and I would flove it if the writers would start to tease us with that. But, we again run into the possibility of a rich, sucessful white lead falling for a minority woman. What would the fan girls say? *gasp* Anyhow, I'll tune in here and there to see if there's any development.

And that's about it, folks. I can't say that I"m looking forward to anything else, cuz I ain't. But I am currently obsessed with a certain show.

The Tudors

Oh wow. Where do I begin? Oh right, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My future husband and sex slave lol. And omfg, Henry Cavill. That man is so hot its a sin. I have an orgasm everytime he speaks with that sexy deep voice of his. Wait, what are we talking about? Oh right. The show. Ahem.

No for real, it is a very intriguing look at the life and lusts of Henry VIII. History has always painted the notorious king as a mad playboy with ridiculous ambition and love for nothing but his own glory. This rendition of his life plays very true to that picture. JRM plays Henry with a very passionate slant; the king is either very happy, very angry, or very horny. He is also a giant pawn in a game that is being played by the people around him that claim to be his subjects. Sam Neill is in this as well, and I've always thought him a brilliant actor. He plays a Cardinal that is hellbent on becoming the next Pope, which in those times, was equivalent to having the power of God. Henry screw-me-silly Cavill plays a good friend of the king of questionable background, who is fiercely loyal if not untrustworthy around women. I really can't hate his character at all because he's far too beautiful. I don't blame a single woman that falls under the spell of that man, it's just not possible to resist. The other notable character (to me) is Queen Katherine, played byMaria Doyle Kennedy. I've always loved this actress, not only for her soulful performances, but I also think she's gorgeous in an unusual way. My heart bleeds for her character in this; a poor princess that was betrothed to a king, who died shortly after their marriage, and then she remarried his brother, whom she actually loved, only to have her feelings unrequited. Her scenes are few and shorter than most, but she does a brilliant job of them and makes you feel for poor Katherine as much as you do for the other players that are given more screen time. All in all, I love this show; the passion, carnality, sadness and grit that it brings to a story that has been told many times. I'd take this over the Other Boleyn mess anyday.

Anyhow, that's enough for now I think. I'll post again soon when things start to get into swing with TV again. Also have to do a shout out to FANNY PAK for those who know what I"m talking about.

~RP Out~


Blogger MJ said...

Just passing by and I noticed your comment about "Ugly Betty" and Daniel/Betty. They are the major reason that I watch the show, too. Personally, I don't think there are many TV couples out there who can match what they have in their relationship. It certainly would be a pity if the writers failed to realize that by keeping them apart in the end.

However, I'm keeping the faith that the writers are saving the best for last. A friend and I run a D/B community, so that's pretty much my support group until the end of the series. LOL.

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